MDNMail  by Media Data Network

OK Lets get started

Before we build your platform and get your solution in place we want to make sure you understand what you are paying for and the incredible value of this solution.

Simple, Fixed, Use Pricing:  You are ordering our highly effective pricing model and  strategy which affords business an all-inclusive and unlimited use of the MDNMail service for a one time initial setup fee of $2,500.00.  This cost gets your platform built, video email marketing plan launched, and initial market testing. After this initial cost Media Data Network will provide the platform and all that it comes with for only 12% of actual monies raised for you.  Our approach to product pricing presents business an easy to understand purchase and user model with predictable costs.  Our pricing strategy  provides you a highly competitive advantage. 

(Other costs may apply if additional services are requested)

" Thank you for giving us the opportunity to offer you what we believe is a major disruptive technology for the Non profit Industry."
Steven Coryell
Founder and Chairman

What your getting for your money

Real time stats

Just tracking the number of email sends or opens you have is not enough; your business needs to know the whole story. MDNMail gives you understanding of how every element of your message is performing. Each message allows for tracking of each individual part of the message to see what truly hit home with your audience.

Setup and Intigration

It takes approx. 30 days to build your first deliverable. After that we will track, design, and build to your audience and scheduled requirements.

Message Features

Each message can be customized with private label branding, a background image, up to 5 call to action buttons, links to any social networks you have, along with up to 5 attachments of any file size. All while having the option for 2 separate video players in one window.

Inbox Features

When a your Video Email gets delivered, we want to make sure and catch everyone’s attention. That’s why each message allows for private label branding, along with a special message teaser and a large, captivating preview image. All anyone has to do is just click the message from their inbox and watch.your

Community builder

We can Store virtually any type of Video, TV Show, Feature Film, PowerPoint, Photo or Document in any file size for you. Don’t worry only you decide what you want on your private cloud and who you want access to it. MDNMail’s media management solution is easy and unlimited.

Easy to use interface

MDNMail has the ability to send video emails on a 1-to-1 or 1-to-Unlimited basis; whenever you want. The MDNMail SMTP network provides the best in deliver ability and video email management. Our friendly staff will do a little to all of your prep work including video production. We will be there for you every step of the way.