MDNMail  by Media Data Network

No special training for your staff

MDNMail is a simple, easy to use tool. We put the power of creation in your hands. Anyone can help us  build a market strategist and send a MDNMail message in less time than you can believe….

Give Them a Sneak Peak

The Preview Screen is the biggest chance to grab attention and drive your audience to action…They’ll Want to Watch!

It’s About Your Brand

Insert your corporate or product logo on the fly. With MeshMail you decide with every message sent what is best to showcase…People trust logos they know…People open emails they trust!

Tease Your Story

Your Teaser Message sets the stage for what’s coming. Make them curious, demand urgency…Make It a Grabber!

Personal Engagement

Drives Action, Revenue and Loyalty

The intro video is your chance to personally engage your audience and introduce the message you’re about to present.

Record a personal introduction from any PC, Mac or Mobile Device or simply use any media from your library…you can even use YouTube if you like.

The Primary Player

This is Your Canvas, Paint on it as You Wish

The second player is considered the primary video screen. Tour a home, present a product, rally your team or raise money for your charity. If you have something to sell, want to go that extra support mile or give a training presentation…this is where it gets played!


Drive Your Audience

MDNMail provides five Call-to-Action fields so you can drive immediate action from your audience

You decide what action you want your audience to take with every message you send. You even can customize the action buttons to be the color of your brand. Simply add the URL page address your audience needs to visit and give the action button a name…its that easy

A Call to Action is a Call to Revenue

Call-to-Actions is your chance to sell one more item or gain one more member. Call-to-Actions are your chance to claim the audiences immediate impulse to buy, join or learn more. Call-to-Action buttons are great for linking to event calendars, product pages, shopping carts, or client surveys. Never miss out on the power of impulse again!